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Roundwood is the owner and master licensee of the sample packs . Paying for and downloading these sample packs gives you the perpetual, non-exclusive right to incorporate the samples in any musical production.


You may not distribute this sample pack, either in native format or reformatted for use as samples, multi-samples, programs or patches in a sampler, sample playback unit, website or computer.

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Content Details

The collection ranges from recorded gongs, crystal bowls, shruti boxes, voices, flutes and hang drums to shamanic drums, chimes, singing bowls and more. A concise overview of some of these instruments' specifics are below:


Ancient, instinctual, primal, primordial, early, sunrise, sunset, astral, planetary, science fiction, meditation.
Earth Planetary C Sharp tuned to 136.10 Hz, a natural tuning which is better received by the body than standard chromatic tunings within contemporary western music. C sharp is considered to be the tone of Earth, human consciousness, grounding and safe. Experienced at the beginning of time, its sound is so natural for us.

Saturn D tuned to 147.85 Hz, a natural tuning that supports concentration, the general process of gaining consciousness, and clearly showing karmic connections. It brings structure and order.

Shruti Box:

Acoustic, gentle, samples, pads, soulful, positive, spiritual, electronic.
Tuned to 432 Hz , a natural tuning, it is easier to sing along with,  and slightly flat in its tuning compared to  standard chromatic tunings. The box has a natural drone box which offers harmonic artefacts digital signals do not have.

Reflect the human voice, soulful spiritual.
Flutes recorded by Tim Wheater, world class performer and multi-instrumentalist. A variety of flutes (which are the closest tone to a human voice), recordings of various scales (minor and natural pentatonic),  as well as scales recorded in C sharp. Traditionally used in shamanic cultures,  they are a call to ancestors and spirits, used in ambient drones to add detail into the visibility or journey.

Hand Pan:
Percussive, contemporary, electronic, melodic, water, softness, arpeggios, delays, counter melodies, reverb, background, synchronisation.
The hand pan spans contemporary, new age and traditional settings to evoke powerful melodies. Traditionally played with two hands, the mixed metallic hand drum creates duophonic patterns or arpeggios for ambient electronic and downtempo music. It has powerful percussive abilities that shimmer like water hypnotically and can act to ignite melodies.

Shamanic Drums:
Percussive, harmonic, soft, hypnotic, rhythmic.
A framed traditional skin drum that offers colourful and pure tone audio artefacts. More effective and punchy than a kick drum, ideal for layering within electronic and acoustic music productions. Useful for layering or standing alone as a one-shot, or as a full recording, consisting of a natural pulsing canter with minimal space between each beat, driving a soft hypnotic repetition.

Crystal Singing Bowls:
Meditation, drone, soft, ambient, synthetic, electric feel, harmonic, waves.
Crystal singing bowls are made from quartz crystal which is crushed and heated at very high temperatures. This process creates a singing bowl that is is able to express the potent powers of crystal and sound united in one tool.



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