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“Sound for meditation, resonant vibrations, clean tones, frequencies, unique palates and progressive sounds.”

For Roundwood founder Aaron Horn, outcomes are led through a common vibrational thread; exploring the multidisciplinary strands of sound, music and frequency . Having devoted a large proportion of his life to creating music of commercial value and appeal, Aaron's natural journeying has turned his attention in the last decade to sound meditation.





Aimed directly for use by foley producers, live performers, sound healers, podcast creators, guided meditation experts, DJ’s, acoustic and electronic musicians and sound designers, the packs' versatility offers a chance to delve into the world of crystalline acoustics and sampling serenity.



The Sound Meditation Sample Packs also have scope to be used directly by brands, bloggers within the wellness and spiritual communities, as well as offering audiobook creators a wide selection of comprehensive and harmonically balanced recordings for the discerning listener both on headphones and through live PA systems.




The Sound Meditation Sample Packs are a journey into well recorded sound for anyone seeking to bring unique well selected instruments and highly charged frequencies into their productions. Each recording uses Neve preamps, Neumann Microphones and Universal Audio plug-ins all within well placed natural reverb environments. The sample pack has been lovingly created to offer an ultra versatile selection of high standard recordings for those seeking the purest in natural sound tonics.





Aaron: “My aim has been to provide the audio community with a selection of samples and extended recordings that will raise the awareness of these natural Instruments, their healing qualities and deeply extended harmonic abilities. The sounds can be used in combination or solo and each sound carries distinct artifacts harmonically that have been enhanced to give the listener a truly expansive experience.”

A sample pack that offers a complete, comprehensive solution for those holding live events, the recordings are diverse, offering a broad range of tones and instruments.




The sound meditation community has a vast selection of instruments avaialbe at their fingertips.

These sample packs offers anyone a chance to bring their untique tone and propperties into whatever sound or event they are creating.

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